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    August 29, 2006


    Mrs. Sloat

    I had the most pleasant surprise when I got to work this morning; I had an email from Stuart! I was already in a good mood from having slept like a rock last night. Fred didn’t bark or growl once. I think it is because I left the light on in the basement all night. Mostly this was for my own peace of mind, but, as it turns out, it may have been just the thing. Chiko, the Japanese woman who has been staying with us this summer, said that she had a similar experience with Fred barking and growling all night when Stuart and I were on vacation in June. She thought that maybe there was a mouse. Maybe she is right and by leaving the lights on the mouse stayed outside! Time for Terminex or better yet, the company that has the VW Bugs with the mouse ears on top.
    I’m sitting at the counter in our kitchen. It is cool enough that I have slippers on. The day was warm, maybe even 80, but the nights are getting cold. We are almost to my favorite time of year, Indian Summer. I wonder why we call it that. Maybe my grandmother knows. I’ll see her next weekend.
    I can’t wait to hear about your day in Kathmandu. I’m practicing the words for the day from the itinerary. My co-workers are fascinated.
    Everyone here sends their love along with mine. –Wife of Thrill Seeker

    edward norton

    Just a note to say hi to all and have a safe,successful journey. Dad

    Lynne Valentine

    So glad to read of your safe arrival in Kathmandu! It was great to read about your day of sightseeing along with the pictures. The sights and sounds all came back to me. Thank you.
    Take care.

    Alice Norton

    Wow! What an incredible description of the last few days. I could pass on the Terai, but would love to be experiencing the brilliant and beautiful sights, the haunting sounds (those yak bells and yak-herder whistles), and the extraordinary feelings of kindness, peacefulness and happiness that usually prevail in the Himalaya (the Maoists notwithstanding). Continue having a fabulous time. Be safe and know that we send our love and are hanging on every word!


    Wende Valentine

    Wow - I have tears in my eyes from reading this beautiful blog...what an incredible experience. We are all living vicariously through your stories and descriptions. I can't find the link to the audio, but I'll keep searching. Here's to an incredible journey!
    Much love from Honduras,

    Dolly and Reed Schaub

    Hi Bro,
    Hope you and Stu are having a great time! This website is fantastic - nice job! Take care and stay safe.

    Meine Bruder,
    Wie gehts? How are your leiderhosen? Looking forward to hoisting a stein upon your arrival stateside. Good luck, good hunting - Reed

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