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    August 25, 2006


    Mrs. Sloat

    I left Stuart at Denver International Airport at 12:30 yesterday. He called me from LAX last night. He had a long night yet to go. As it turns out, so did I.
    Fred, our favorite dog EVER, is on high alert. I'd been asleep for about 30 mins. when Fred went into a barking frenzy, leapt off the bed, and sped down the hall toward the living room. I think that when the lights turned off (gracias a the automatic light timer Stuart installed for my safety) Fred thought some one was in the house. At least that’s what I told myself.
    The reasons for the next three barking outbursts were a secret unto Fred. Most disturbing, these bursts of barking were followed by low, continuous growling, but no leaping from the bed to scare away the boogie man. At one point, there was the kind of banging around that we who live in the foothills associate with a bear or raccoon digging in a garbage can. At least, that’s what I told myself. Still, I unlocked my cell phone, dialed 91 (leaving only the extra “1” plus “send” if something nightmarish were to happen), pulled the phone nearer to my pillow, and listened so hard that I finally fell asleep from the strain.
    We all have stories that we tell ourselves to make it from day to day. It’s the stories we tell ourselves to make it through the night that are making an impression on me.

    Alice Norton

    Sounds like an incredible trip with a great crew. Can't wait to hear more details. We're all jealous and hoping to join the next one! Have a wonderful time. Hope the rain stops.


    Holliday M. Pulsifer

    Hi, Jake & team - what a grand adventure and how you make readers respect the sights, sounds, people and mountains. Thanks for the vicarious enlightenment!

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