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    September 23, 2006


    Susan Gold

    What a wonderful tapestry you weave with your words and pictures of this special place!

    I hope the weather holds for your summit bid. Climb high, climb Safe.

    Mrs. Sloat

    I love you Stuart. You too Jake. I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed and praying to the weather gods. Be safe. Be smart. Be happy. Be.

    Alice Norton

    Hooray to you All! We are so pleased, grateful and proud! What a wonderful accomplishment to be the first Americans to summit!

    Ever so much love,

    Mrs. Sloat

    Congratulations! I am overwhelmed by your drive and courage. I am also thrilled that Stuart might be coming home early :)

    Susan Gold

    Jake and Team
    Yahoo and congratulations!
    -The first Americans to summit- what an accomplishment for you all!
    Can't wait to see your pics and hear all the detail!

    edward norton

    Congratulationa to all on your summit and to the Sherpa who make it happen so well ansd so safely.............You all are the best!

    Wynn Miller


    Jim Schwerin

    Congratulations on the summit!
    Jake, your words transport us as we all follow your progress from back home.

    Great job Stu, Jake, and everyone else...

    Have a safe and magical return journey.

    Quinn Simons

    I hope there is a turd with a little cocktail umbrella sticking out of it, lying on the summit.
    congratulations guys,

    Dolly and Reed Schaub

    Hi Bro, Stu and fellow climbers,
    Congratulations. Bro, you continue to amaze me, but most of all we are so glad you are safe and will be home soon!!
    Big hugs to you and Stuey, can't wait to talk to you.
    Sis and Reed


    Another wonderful accomplishment Jake! Our congratulations to you, Stu and your team for a job well done. We're proud of you and your ever increasing leadership, professionalism and mountain judgement. Enjoy the afterglow as you return safely!
    Lots of love,

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