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November 29, 2007


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Kenneth Koh

Thanks Jake! Great article!

Kenneth Koh

Thanks Jake! Great article!

Stock Images Philippines

Very useful article, Jake. I'm headed for Japan next year, and I hope I remember your tips!

Jake Norton

Glad you liked it...happy shooting!


Top Rated Cameras

Thanks for the wonderful article! :) I am thinking of getting a new point and shoot camera and I can't decide what to get between the Nikon and Canon... Hoping to try out some of the tips on the article! :D


This article is very helpful, especially to those beginner in photography. Actually I'm also a beginner when it comes in photography and I'm looking for any tips or tutorials online and I saw this article. I only know the rule of thirds and setting up focus point to my camera. My camera is Nikon d90. I want to practice that PANORAMA.


Jake is a good photographer and a teacher too. He gives all the best techniques and shots here in this article that was very helpful to us.


I'm late to see this article, last year I was looking for a great blog site about photography, sharing some tips and tricks like this. I'm still lucky to see this and I always read this to learn and understand.

Zahnarzt Düsseldorf

Great article, no doubt. I would add that a good backpack is extremely important. I don't recommend to save money on it.

Dermatologie Düsseldorf

Really valuable tips, thanks for sharing. The problem with expeditions is that you want to carry as little as possible but you don't want to give up on different lenses, a second body and of course power packs. and this stuff has to be completely reliable.

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