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March 12, 2008


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As usual Jake, you've hit the nail on the head. Obviously China only has one thing on it's mind, and that's get the Torch to the top. They're willing to take what ever steps necessary in order to do so, as the Olympics are intended to be a huge "Coming Out Party" for them. The North Side is going to be a media circus, with or without the other teams.

Oh, and the rumor I've heard is that Brice may be putting down the fixed lines for the Chinese Team, so don't feel too bad for him. ;)

Jake Norton

Hey Kraig,

Thanks for your comment. Had not heard that about Russ, but it figures. Glad he'll be able to salvage something for this season. Will certainly be interesting to see what the Nepali government decides to do, and how teams react to the changes.

Take care,



Thats *incredible* news.... really shocking... i do hope Russel Brice or even anyone manages to get up there aside from the Olympic torch team


well it should be photogenic


It's such a shame that climbing and trekking - the one sport where people want to get away from the hassle of daily life and see something beautiful - should be marred by political slurs and in-fighting. Places like this really do feel like they should be above the boundaries and quarrels of people. Maybe it should have the same undefined status as Antartica?

Jake Norton

Hi Linda,

Thanks for your comment and thoughts. Yes, it certainly is a shame, but perhaps some good can come of all the protest and strife...With effort and luck, the focus this Everest climbing season and during the Olympics will be on the human rights issues both present and common in China today and hopefully that focus will lead to dialogue and subsequent solutions to these problems...for the Tibetans, the Uighurs, the Han Chinese, and so many others who have suffered human rights abuses recently. China is certainly not all bad, but, just like the US and all other countries, needs an outside force at times to keep it honest and on-track. Keeping my fingers crossed...

-Jake Norton


Not true bout Russ, met him with his sherpas while i was on a trek in the Khumbu so I know for a fact theyre not in tibet

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